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We ive in a world of handheld device and comprises of a population which thrives on apps. Irrespective of what your type of business you need an app. An app helps you to interact on a one to one basis. It is a personalised form of communication with a customer. Or even a potential customer. You can engage a customer in an effortless manner. But how do you reach this stage? How do you make people download your app? Here is where App Marketing is necessary.

What does an app do for your business? An app builds a direct channel for communicate with your customer. It is not a general form of communication but a personalised one.

  • It reminds customers that you exist and are at their service
  • It makes your service easily accessible to a customer
  • App personalisation enables customers to feel a sense of reliability and helps build a comfort level.
  • Customer feel a direct connect with you as a service provider
  • They can the current status of their request whether it is an order or a query
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In simple terms App Marketing refers to making your app popular. App Marketing Company of two broad categories:

Very often app maintenance and support is regarded as an additional overhead cost. However, contrary to the general assumption support and maintenance can be a huge advantage if leveraged appropriately.

App user acquisition marketing which is related to finding an audience App downloads which aims at increasing the number of app downloads.
Both these categories of marketing and promotion are essential for an app. They contribute equally towards the success of the mobile application.


In the market today we have a large number of apps available. Each one of these apps offers a huge variety of features. This makes app marketing a tough job. Google Play has nearly 3 million apps while the App store has more than 2 million apps. How are people going to find your app among the millions? These astounding figures are the reason why you need app marketing.


App marketing is a well strategized technique which aims at improving the visibility of your app in the app store or google play and encourages downloads.

  • App marketing campaign: The best way to build an audience for your app is through app marketing campaigns. Paid advertising is the best way to ensure that your get the kind of visibility required. Marketing campaigns can be designed depending on the features of your app and the target audience.
  • App store optimisation: There are a number of factors which helps to optimise your app in the app store. Categorising the app in the correct manner so as to attract the right audience viewing is one essential task. Indexing the app title and the keywords helps to promote the app.
  • App publicity: How do people get to know about your app? Publicity is important for every app, especially at the onset. The best way to get maximum publicity and visibility is through social media. Various social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. can be used to let people know about your app and what it ca be used for. Social media is a great way to reach your target audience.


App marketing does not stop at getting a large number of people to download the app. People have to use it. In short they have to use your services. So how do you encourage users to use your app? We should not forget that the user already has various other apps which they have been using. What does your app offer that is better than their current app? It is crucial to align the app marketing campaign to highlight the essential features of your app.

Engagement and retention are very crucial for the success of your app.

Push notifications: Once a user has downloaded your app the push notifications can help ensure that they use it. Lucrative offers can be displayed to encourage users to open your app and avail the offers.


Building an app and running a marketing campaign are not enough. Do people like your app? Are they even using it? If so, then how often do they use your app? The success of your app is defined not by the number of downloads but by the number of active users.

  • Retention rate: How many users return to use your app? There are numerous first time users, but it is those to come back again and again who are your customers.
  • Active users: How many active users do you have? The ones that use your app on a regular basis are your valued customers. Whether they use the app once a month or every week, It is the regular usage and the amount of time they spend on your app regularly that matters.
  • Usage duration: What is the session length? How much time do users spend on your app? We do need to consider the time frame required to place an order or make an enquiry and make a judgement accordingly. Are they on the app long enough to make a purchase or order?.
  • User acquisition: Through which source or sources are the users downloading your app? We have used a number of channels to spread the word, but it is important to decipher the channels that have delivered the best results.
  • Focus: It is important to stay focused to the marketing strategy and the defined goal. Sometimes the content goes off key and this can mislead customers or dissuade the right audience. Keeping all the content and activity in alignment with the goal and strategy defines success.
  • Screen flow: What is the pattern of app usage? This information can help to improve the app and improve user experience.

It is always important to consider the type of value you are adding to your users. Assessing the success of your app helps to determine a few important factors: Is it meeting the user requirement? Is your app marketing campaign enticing enough? Is your app store optimisation reaching the correct target audience? These factors can assist us in streamlining the app to get the desired results and become successful.

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