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Best PPC Service Provider Company in Noida.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the best ways to boost traffic to your website. Organic SEO takes approximately about 6 months to optimise a website. It is a slow wait for a business that is hoping for online leads. So what is the best way to get instant leads? PPC or Pay Per Click. PPC ensures that your website is displayed prominently by search engines based on the main keywords.

Looking for the quickest way to bring ready-to-buy customers to your website and mobile app? PPC (Pay-per-Click) offers the perfect solution. As a leading PPC management company in India we specialize in various PPC management services such as Google Adwords, Facebook and YouTube advertisements. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified PPC service provider in Noida, we have been serving a global clientele from varied industries and demographic for the past ten years in the most efficient manner.

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PPC ensures that your website shows up on top of the first page of the search engine. You no longer have to wait for organic search engine indexing and ranking. It is a shortcut to the top. Money can do wonders to get your up ahead in the long queue.

Paid Search Management

Our AdWords Consultants specialize in bidding on the right keywords and delivering high-value traffic sculpting in Google & Bing Ads while also focusing on precise intent-targeting to ensure that the ads can drive qualified leads. Our in-house copywriters can create compelling, conversion-driven, custom copies to attract the audience.

Display Ads

Display ad is an important form of Paid Advertisement. Our effective display ad strategies include creating attractive and custom visuals paired with choosing the appropriate web pages, games and videos to place the ads. Our PPC team work hand-in-hand with our in-house designers to ensure each ad is unique and conversion-driven.

YouTube Ads

Video content is rapidly becoming the front runner in digital marketing. Its easy-to-digest format gives people a break from consuming a surplus of textual information. Our entertaining high-quality video ads are sure to bring you the desired results.

PPC is recommended for Ecommerce website and other businesses that use their website for lead generation. PPC is a cost effective way to advertise your website. You pay only when someone clicks on your website link.

PPC is a great way to boost your website traffic and business. We help you to manage your PPC campaign. Our PPC click management includes, identifying target audience and defining keywords to match target audience interests. We regularly analyse the PPC results with the conversion rate. We fine tube the strategy for better results. This could include changing keywords or redefining the target audience. It is essential to constantly monitor your PPC campaign. Some keywords may be attracting the wrong kind of traffic. This is a waste as they will click on your link and deplete your account resources. Therefore, monitoring your PPC account means ensuring that your campaign is generating optimal results. Our prime focus is to optimise your PPC campaign to ensure that you get maximum conversion and a good return on your investment. To start drawing traffic to your website through a PPC campaign, get in touch with us. We will analyse your keywords and help to setup a PPC account. PPC is the quickest way to gain leads and increase your business through your website.

Digital Marketing Agency


At GITS, we offer a wide range of web services like website promotion, Responsive web designing, web development, and PPC Services at affordable prices. Here you will get 100% satisfaction with our plans because these plans are based on, seeing your business and budget. We are the leading web services provider company in Noida and have already given the best services to our clients. Along with these services we are also dealing in Shopping Cart Design / Development, Search Engine Marketing, Global Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, social media optimization, Business Analysis, PHP Website Development, Open Source Development, and logo design. When you talk about hosting services we provide other value-added services like Domain Registration and Hosting, Linux Web hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Dedicated Manage Servers, VPS Server, Self Managed Dedicated Server, and if you talk about designing then a wide range of web designing done here like Static Web Design, Dynamic Website Design, Flash-based Website Design, custom website development, website Template design, WordPress Website Design, and development.

We are a new organization but if you talk about capability then we are one of the best teams for any type of web service. Once you take our services, we give you a written guarantee for your plane whatever you choose. This company provides you with complete professional website designs for a very reasonable price include with Free Domain, Free 300MB web hosting space, and eye-catching logo design.

GITS is a fully digital marketing agency, if you take Google Ads Services then our primary goal is to make our customers successful with their keywords ranking. We make sure with each and every keyword should be ranked in the top 5 on the Google page. We provide fast services in terms of promotion and at the given time we complete the project and make happy our customers.

Over Our Company will prove best for any type of web service, so just contact us and give us a chance to serve you.