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Visibility is what every business needs. If people see your brand they will come to you. Obscure businesses can leverage display advertising to gain online visibility. The idea of display advertising is to generate awareness about your product and brand. It uses the platform that has the highest visibility, which is indisputably the internet.

Display Ads, commonly known as banner ads, are a type of online paid advertising. They typically convey a commercial message through images, animations, or other graphics. In fact, these can be spotted on any website and feature interactive displays to engage the users.

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Display Advertising is a form of online advertising. It is a broad terms for a variety of different types of visual advertisements. Images, banner ads, videos and audios are all a part of display advertising. The most common platform for display advertising is social media. But there are other platforms as well.
The best type of display advertising is not one that tells a story, but one which relates to everyday life. How to incorporate your product into people’s lives is the foundation of good advertising. Only when people can relate to a product do they show an interest and buy your product.


Display advertising uses various modes which can reach the defined customer base. A business prospers when you are interacting with a selected group of people who need your product and service and who can afford it. General advertising is great for common consumer goods. High ends products need specific advertising. The marketing strategy is defined based on the type of products. There are a few techniques which help to gain optimum results:


Display advertising is a platform which enables you to reach your customers in an interesting manner. Today customers need to feel some kind of connection to build up an relationship and this converts to customer loyalty.


The days of general advertising are over. Today we align resources to areas which will deliver results. Advertise to a specific target audience. There are various ways in which the target audience can be categorised. These can be need based or according to financial capability. Target advertising can also be for specific areas or for people with a specific interest. Behavioural targeting is one of the most successful techniques being used for display advertising today.


It is important to conduct surveys to understand the current pulse of the consumers. Keeping in sync with the trend is a great way to gain a foothold in the online space. What are people looking for and what is the latest trend that is gaining the greatest attraction? This kind of information will help us to align the digital advertising campaign to meet the general interests.
We find it imperative to keep up with the changes in the digital marketing space to ensure that the display advertising gets the best response.


It is essential to assess the performance of your display advertising. These are a few of the well tried and tested techniques we use to measure how your digital advertisements are performing. Underperforming digital ads are replaced by new content. We do not believe in pushing a post that is not performing. That would just be a waste of time and resources.

  • Reach of Posts: How many people is your display advertising reaching? How many people are able to see your ad? The response rate of your display advertising can be measured by the number of people that see your posts. The display advertising posts need to reach the target audience. There is no point having a million views by people who are not among your target audience.
  • Click through rate (CTR): How many viewers who see your display advertisement click on it? This statistic defines your click through rate. The click through rate is dependent on a number of factors. The quality of the posts and the kind of audience who see it. Appealing posts to the right target audience will result in a high click through rate.
  • Bounce Rate: The bounce rate is determined by visitors who leave your site after viewing only the home page. They do not view other pages for more information. A high bounce rate is not due to the quality of the content or graphics. In most cases it is because the viewer is not among your target audience. Is
  • Lead quality and conversion: Display advertising to the right audience will result in a high lead generation. These leads need to be converted to customers. High quality leads are generated when the display advertising is reaching the right kind of audience group.
  • ROI: The bottom line of every marketing campaign is the return on investment (ROI).It is not a matter of just breaking even but reaping greater dividends which will help the business profit margins to grow.

The success of display advertising depends on the right balance of information with graphics in alignment with the latest trends. We study the market based on the clients product and accordingly strategies and plan the display advertising posts

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