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Who’s designing your website? A website has one important function. And that is to place your business in a prominent position on the World Wide Web. It is important to have an online presence. How will people know about your business’s existence if you don’t have a website?

There is more to a website than just an online presence. A website can be leveraged to bring in customers. A website should provide enough information so that an customer is interested enough to contact your for more information or to purchase a product. A website should be able to draw traffic. The larger the number of website visitors the better your search engine ranking. And this in turn helps to draw yet more visitors. However the idea is not just to have a popular site but to attract quality traffic. The quality of the visitors is defined by the product or service being offered by the company and the interest level of the website visitors in the product offered. Hence the intent is to attract website visitors who are potential customers. Quality traffic means higher lead generation and better conversion rates.

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Designing a good website includes some key aspects. A foundation of your website defines its future performance.


The basic design of your website has to incorporate not just the current needs but also cater to the future needs of the website. A site map is the first step. Website Design includes determining the number of pages and the layout of each page. The type of pages depends on the nature of the business. The graphics has to be in alignment with the content and yet tell a story.


The hype for SEO has died down. But the need for SEO is as essential as it always was. Search engine optimisation determines your page ranking and website visibility. Paid SEO is a great way to start but organic SEO is also highly recommended. With Organic SEO it could be a while before you see and results. But once you site is optimised and indexed by search engines it will continue to perform.


There is no dearth of website designers in India and around the world. So you are probable wondering why you should come to us for your website designing. The bottom line is that we understand the intricacies of developing a good website which will give you results. These are some of our core guidelines which we following for website development.

  • Responsive Website: A website should look great on any device, irrespective of the screen size. Today it people use handheld devices as well as computers to open websites. We cannot remain rigid and cater only to a specific segment. We design responsive websites which will automatically scale to the screen size of the user.
  • Fast load Time: How long are you supposed to wait for a website to load? No one has the patience to even wait for a few seconds. Everyone wants instant responses. The load time depends on the weight of the website and the architecture. People want rich media and quick load time. How can you do that? You have come to the right place – we practice the fine art of balancing the website content with load time.
  • Well design architecture: You’ve probably heard it said that content is king. Good content gives the website visitor a good impression of your business or brand. The first step of your marketing is to ensure that you have quality content on your website. Is
  • Browser Compatibility: A website usually works well on the popular browsers. But what about the other browsers? The market growth is in all directions and you have to keep up or you’ll get left out. We ensure that your website will look as good on a popular browser as it will on an unheard of browser. It all depends on the coding.
  • Easy to Navigate: How easy is it for a website visitor to find the information they want on your website. A website that is easy to navigate gets more interested customers and leads.

Many businesses tend to compromise on their website budget. This is a huge mistake. Your website will continue to provide organic leads far into the future. Social media and other channels are great for getting the initial boost and marketing campaigns. But at the end of the day it all comes back to your website. You don’t have to make a hole in your pocket, but your initial investment will continue to yield dividends.

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At GITS, we offer a wide range of web services like website promotion, Responsive web designing, web development, and PPC services at affordable prices. Here you will get 100% satisfaction with our plans because these plans are based on, seeing your business and budget. We are the leading web services provider company in Delhi and have already given the best services to our clients. Along with these services we are also dealing in Shopping Cart Design / Development, Search Engine Marketing, Global Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, social media optimization, Business Analysis, PHP Website Development, Open Source Development, and logo design. When you talk about hosting services we provide other value-added services like Domain Registration and Hosting, Linux Web hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Dedicated Manage Servers, VPS Server, Self Managed Dedicated Server, and if you talk about designing then a wide range of web designing done here like Static Web Design, Dynamic Website Design, Flash-based Website Design, custom website development, website Template design, WordPress Website Design, and development.

We are a new organization but if you talk about capability then we are one of the best teams for any type of web service. Once you take our services, we give you a written guarantee for your plane whatever you choose. This company provides you with complete professional website designs for a very reasonable price include with Free Domain, Free 300MB web hosting space, and eye-catching logo design.

GITS is a fully Website Designing Company, if you take SEO services then our primary goal is to make our customers successful with their keywords ranking. We make sure with each and every keyword should be ranked in the top 5 on the Google page. We provide fast services in terms of promotion and at the given time we complete the project and make happy our customers.

Over Our Company will prove best for any type of web service, so just contact us and give us a chance to serve you.